On all week days have to use red check shirts with half sleeves and black shorts or pants. (Pants are compulsory for boys from VI Std. onwards. For classes up to V Std. only shorts are allowed).


  • Pink Full sleeve Shirts with Red check half skirt and overcoat are prescribed for the girls  from VI Std. onwards.
  • Pink half sleeve shirts with Red check pinafore are prescribed for classes upto V Std. (including KG)
  • Belt with school emblem.
  • Tie
  • Black shoes and black socks with pink stripes. During rainy seasons, shoes or black strapped chappal.
  • Low waist pants wearing is not allowed in the school campus.
  • Girls skirts should reach below the knee.


       The school uniform is compulsory on all school days and at official School functions unless otherwise intimated.Students without the prescribed uniform are not allowed to enter the classroom or the school premise during class hours. They are liable to the sent home. It is the duty of the parents to see that their child does not go to school without proper uniform.