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The school was established in the year 1983. It was born out of the earnest desire to provide quality education to the local community. Guided by the vision of Rev.Fr Callistus Malikal CMI, we embarked on a journey to nurture young minds. Affiliated with CBSE (No.930385 Year 2002), our unaided institution is overseen by the Little Flower Education Society, Coimbatore, a registered entity.

Mission & Vision

A Brief History Of Our School

At our institution, Carmel School, we envision a nurturing environment where every student is recognized as a privileged individual, a special gift from God. Our mission is to cultivate a community of students who embody the following qualities:


We uphold a high academic standard and emphasize co-curricular activities to develop well-rounded personalities. Our aim is to provide ample opportunities for students to excel academically and grow into responsible and ethical individuals, contributing positively to society.

Principal's Heart Talks


As the Principal of Carmel CMI school, Shoranur, it is with an immense sense of satisfaction and pride, that I take the pleasure of announcing, the successful completion of another year of our chairman’s visionary school, as school with a mission, purpose and moral values which can enrich the tender minds of young children and guide them on to a path of global reach.


In today's era, our youth encounter distinct challenges and opportunities globally. Schools must enable every student to develop their full potential across academic, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social domains. Crafting a high-quality, balanced educational program will equip them to navigate these challenges effectively, fostering a truly "international" mindset.

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We ensure your children's safety


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The school was established in the year 1983. Due to the earnest request and demand of the people, Rev.Fr Callistus Malikal CMI took the initiative to start an English Medium School, thus to give better education to the children of the locality. This unaided school is affiliated to CBSE (No.930385 Year 2002) up to the secondary level and is directed by the Little Flower Education Society, Coimbatore, which is duly a registered one.

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  Carmel School, Kallipadam,
      P.O Shoranur, Palakkad, Kerala,679122

     +91 9744366565

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